Welcome to the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club Website 


The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club is based in Parma, Ohio. 
We are an Amateur Radio organization with training and monthly presentation.


Why the Woodchucks? 

Every club has a distinctive character. Our Logo kind of gives you an idea of ours.  

The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club was formed by a small group of amateurs many years ago. Evidently they felt they would be more comfortable among themselves as they were all new to amateur radio. The club has advanced beyond that stage but we try to maintain that atmosphere 

The club owns its’ own repeater and hold Nets on Wednesday at 8 PM on 145.310, with a PL tone of 110.9, you do not have to be a member to participate in our net. 

We provide VE testing one hour prior to the start of each business meetings with a scheduled appointment, so if you wish to get a new license or upgrade feel free to contact us. 

We do “Fox” hunts (hidden transmitter hunts) each month during the summer.

We also do demonstrations on Fox hunting to help new people. 

If you are interested in Public Service events or ARES we provide information on these events. 

This is the most compressive explanation of Coax Cable I have ever seen.
Not my explanation, I borrowed it from Facebook.


Well sort of........

Thanks to Larry N8OWS we have a redisgned logo that be manipulated to increase it's size to fit many projects.
An issue we found with the older logo was that if we wanted to make it larger for a project, such as a banner, when you increased it's size it became very fuzzy.
Larry was able to find a graphic person that was able to re-draw for us.

Thank you Larry (N8OWS)



The Woodchuck ARC website can be reached by using any of 3 web addresses:






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