Thirteenth Annual Ohio State Parks On The Air – Amateur Radio Contest. September 12, 2020.

The contest is always held on the first Saturday following the Labor Day holiday. Each year this event has grown and we anticipate another year of growth with even more participating Amateur Radio Operators.
Let me remind you that the OSPOTA contest was conceived with three main goals in mind:
  • To promote public awareness of amateur radio and Ohio’s beautiful state parks system;
  • To contribute to the recognition that Ohio has a very diverse and wonderful ecology;
  • To promote camaraderie within the ranks of Ohio’s Amateur Radio Operators
As long as the weather is good, a few of the Woodchucks, Larry (N8OWS) and Chuck (K8CVM), will be taking the HamVan out to Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park (NKL) on Saturday September 12 to participate in this event.
Operation Hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm EST.

Chuck with the HamVan and myself will be at the Nelson- Kennedy State Park in Garrettsville, Ohio for the 2020 edition of Ohio State Parks on the air. 
We will operate under the Woodchuck ARC call of WA8Q.


This event is open to all and all are welcome

In case a spot is not available at NKL we will move to Punderson State Park (PYM) and setup in one of the lower parking lots.