The 2020 edition of the Ohio QSO Party was held on August 22, 2020.
This annual event is sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club and is held on the 4th Saturday in August. as many counties in Ohio and other stations as well.



A small group of Woodchucks attended with 5 members participating in the contest.

The Club amassed a score of 2,090 points with a total of 33 counties contacted. Larry, N8OWS and Mike, KE8OLR also worked a station in Brazil, PV8AL on 20 meters later on in the evening. 

Jim, W8MIJ, MaryAnn, K8BLY and Ai, KE8PAI rounded out the Operators group.

The majority of contacts were made on 80 meters with a NVIS antenna and the club Kenwood TS 440S radio.

40 meters was virtually without stations due to questionable conditions. Propagation is not always your friend.

A couple of hearty souls even climbed a ladder in the dark to KD8KBO’s roof to attach chimney straps for a future antenna installation.

All in all a nice event. We are hoping to work a couple of out of state QSO parties in September and October.


73 for now. 

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