2019 Woodchuck Event Calendar

All our Events held at the Woodchuck A.R.C. Club Station 11694 State Rd. just south of Wallings. 

July 1st till July 7th : All times day and evening.

13 Colonies on the air contest using our club call from the club station at Riches’.
Everyone is welcome to go to the club station and participate!
The list of stations we must contact will be on the table. They will be on all bands, so search.
Please place your initials at the end of the line that you contact. Our repeater should be monitored when anyone is at the station. Just turn it on!

Aug. 10th.

DX Engineering will be having a Hamfest from 9am till noon in the Showroom.
And 8:00am till noon a flea market in the North parking lot.

Aug 17th.

Woodchuck Special Event Station, “30th year Club Anniversary”. 12 noon till ?
It will be advertised in QST Magazine Contest Corral. 


Ohio QSO Party at the club station at Riches’. 12 noon till 10pm.

Sept. 14th.

The Woodchucks will hold its’ First Annual YL check-in. 6pm to midnight.
All female members and female friends are asked to participate.
The club will have QSL cards printed for stations that contact us.
This was the list of events so far that are planned for this summer! Come and enjoy!!!