Congratulation to the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club on the ARRL DX Contest Award.
The event was held on March 3-4, 2018 in the Cement Tent, High on a Windy Hill in North Royalton.

WA8Q was awarded 2nd Place in the Ohio Section and 4th Place in the Great Lake Region.


2018 Woodchuck ARC Elections Information



The Woodchuck Elections were held on Friday Nov 24 2018

The Woodchuck ARC Officers for 2019 are:

President - Shimerka, Larry       N8OWS

Vice-President - Mehozonek, Chuck K8CVM

Secretary - Heidenreich, Kelly  KE8AXL 

Treasurer - Tommer, James       W8MIJ




Balata, Rich             KD8KBO

Bonus, MaryAnn     K8BLY

Semanik, Dave        K8WRS




Well, the transformation of the Concrete Tent from a garage to a Ham Shack has started....
With the suggestion and permission of Rich, KD8KBO the Concrete is getting a Radio Station position.
On Saturday March 30, 2019 a few souls came out to the Tent to begin the clean out, demolation and construction of a Radio Station position for the Club.
We moved several storage cabinets and other items to install a counter are where the Club can hold events from.
While construction is still ongoing, this was the firsts days work...
And Larry N8OWS says "NO ONE" sits on the Table.......

  • 20190330_153224
  • 20190330_154816
  • 20190330_154819
  • 20190331_125457
  • 20190331_144423
  • 20190331_144433
  • 20190331_144440
  • 20190331_144442
  • 20190331_144452

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Progress on Day 3 of the new Radio Station table.

  • 20190404_123418
  • 20190406_133900
  • 20190406_133907
  • 20190406_133911
  • 20190406_133921
  • 20190406_133929
  • 20190406_152301
  • 20190406_152303
  • 20190406_152312
  • 20190407_141343

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  2020 a new year and a new decade.


With the new year the Woodchuck ARC has many programs and activities planned.
Please check the calender for activities and any announcments that will be posted to the website and in the Club Newsletter.

Dues are Due for those that have not yest paid them, lets keep the club growing by passing the club info on to other Hams or non Hams.


 With the canceltion of the 2020 edition of the Dayton Hamvention The Contest University was converted into an online event.
THe event was recorded and posted to the DX Engineering Youtube page for anyone to view.


The Woodchucks are now offering Amateur Radio License Testing.

Next Test Date: June 1, 2020 @ 6pm CANCELED.

Parma Library 6996 Powers Blvd, Parma Ohio
Testing sessions are conducted on alternating months, February, April, June, August, October, and December.

The Woodchucks are offer limited Ham Radio testing on an appointment only basis.  Arrangements can be made contacting Larry N8OWS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please see the Woodchuck Calendar for information.

A cartoon that pretty much the canceled 2020 Dayton Hamvention.


All rights belong to the creater Jason Tagyer W3MCK