Woodchuck Amateur

Radio Club

2020 ARRL Field Day

June 27-28   


It is that time of the year again, The ARRL Annual Field Day right around the corner.

For most of us, ARRL Field Day 2020 is going to look quite different than it did in past years. Considering the impact of social distancing due to the pandemic, many radio clubs and large groups will not gather in their usual Field Day locations this year.
Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a Field Day first timer, there are many questions about how to participate in amateur radio’s largest annual on-air event under these unusual circumstances.

The Woodchucks will be hosting the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club Operations at the Cement Tent as we have done in years past.  Special Precautions (*see below) will be in place, such as a limited number of people allowed in the tent and any given time and Social Distancing between Operating positions.
Disinfectant will be available for station cleaning prior to and after operator changes.
You are asked not to clean any radio gear that does not belong to you.
The Club Radio will be available for anyone to use during the contest.
A member may bring and setup their own equipment, that member will be required to disinfect their own gear as necessary.
If you do plan on attending, before you arrive at the tent please contact us on the WA8Q Repeater to let us know when your arriving.The WA8Q repeater is 145.310 with a PL of 110.9

The Club Business meeting on June 26th will be held on ZOOM and not on the WA8Q repeater.
The reasoning for this is to demonstrate the data entry process on the ARRL Web applet.

ARRL Temporary Rule Waivers for ARRL Field Day 2020

The ARRL Programs and Services Committee (PSC) has adopted two temporary rule waivers for the event:
     1) For Field Day 2020 only, Class D stations may work all other Field Day stations, including other Class D stations, for points.
Field Day rule 4.6 defines Class D stations as “Home stations,” including stations operating from permanent or licensed station locations using commercial power. Class D stations ordinarily may only count contacts made with Class A, B, C, E, and F Field Day stations, but the temporary rule waiver for 2020 allows Class D stations to count contacts with other Class D stations for QSO credit.
     2) In addition, for 2020 only, an aggregate club score will be published, which will be the sum of all individual entries indicating a specific club (similar to the aggregate score totals used in ARRL affiliated club competitions).

Ordinarily, club names are only published in the results for Class A and Class F entries, but the temporary rule waiver for 2020 allows participants from any Class to optionally include a single club name with their submitted results following Field Day.

This will allow those members that would rather not participate at the Cement Tent to work form their own homes and when they report their totals to the ARRL they can list the Club “Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club”.

All reports are to made through the ARRL Web applet  https://field-day.arrl.org/fdentry.php
Under the Band/Mode QSO Breakdown heading on the entry form.
You MUST make sure that you enter “Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club” in the
Club or Group Name  space.

If you are working from your Home your station will be “xD(commercial power) or xE(emergency power) x is the number of simultaneously transmitted signals.

The exchange for the event will be:
Stations in ARRL / RAC sections
will exchange their Field Day operating Class and ARRL / RAC

section. Example: a three transmitter Class A station in Connecticut which also has a GOTA station and the extra VHF station would send "3A CT" on CW or Digital, or "3 Alpha Connecticut” on Phone.
As an example: K8CVM 1D OH (Kilo 8 Charlie Victor Mike 1 Delta Oscar Hotel)
This is also the information you will need from the other station that you need to write down along with the time of contact.

The Club station will be WA8Q XD OH (the club station is still a D station.

Below is a link to a form that we ask you fill out asking if and how you be participating in the 2020 Field Day event:  
https://forms.gle/xB8k1Gp4hAEqc15r8  just click on it of copy and pasted into a browser window, fill in the info and hit submit.

Field Day 2020 FAQ's

*Everyone coming to the Field Day site will fill be asked a short series of questions:

  • Have you had a fever of over 100.4 in the last 24 hours?
  • Have you knowingly been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID 19 in the last 14 days?
  • Have you, or anyone you have been in contact with in the past 14 days had any of the following symptoms: Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell?
    (We will not be recording answers or maintaining any records which would be subject to HIPPA regulations). 

Any “YES” answer will result in that person being asked to leave the Field Day site.

Hand sanitizer will be available at all operating positions.

All participants will bring their own food, snacks, and drinks.

Everyone should bring their own headset / mic to use during their operating time. 

All operating surfaces will be sanitized between operators.
 ****Radios themselves should not be sanitized or cleaned except by the radio owner. 
No bug or mosquito spray should be used on or near the radios either. 

By following these simple “common sense” practices, much of the exposure can be limited for everyone’s benefit. 
Of course, the most common-sense requirement is on everyone, – if you feel sick – stay home!