With the continuing concern of the COVID-19 virus the Busch Community Room is closed until further   notice.
 This has forced the cancellation of the July 24, 2020 Woodchuck ARC Business meeting.

 The Board realizes that the membership still needs to be kept up to date on the Club Business matters and   other activities.


 So as in the past few months the Woodchucks will be have a "Woodchuck Net Meeting" Friday the 24th on our Repeater   WA8Q  (145.310 MHz (PL:110.9)).

 There will be NO ZOOM meeting.

We will conduct regular Business and then have a Round Robin chat session with Net Control being   Chuck  (K8CVM).

This net will  start at the regular Club Meeting time of 7:30pm.
We will start with Check-ins, Club business and then the rest of the meeting.
We have several new members to indroduce and reports on Field Day, 13 Colonies, New Ham Testing and a few other items.

Coffee and Donuts are optional and bring your own....
Maybe even another trivia question or Tell-a-Joke round.
There will be no 50/50 drawing.

Please plan on attending.

For those of you on Facebook the Woodchucks have a new presence there. Please lookup WA8Q and request to be added to the site.