Ohio State Parks on the Air WA8Q RECAP


The 13th Annual Ohio State Parks on the Air event took place on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

It is always the first Saturday after Labor Day and runs from 1400 UTC until 2200 hrs UTC. 

This contest was  for SSB contacts only with the 10,15,20,40 and 80 meter bands used.

There are 75 State parks in Ohio but not all of these were activated.

Chuck, K8CVM, Larry, N8OWS, Ai, KE8PAI, Jim, W8MIJ and Sue, W8DXW participated in the event. 

The station was set up in Garrettsville, Ohio at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park on Rt. 282. It was operated entirely on solar power. The Hamvan was in attendance and served as the operating station. 

A NVIS antenna consisting of 40 and 80 meters was used for the contest. It was placed about 16’ in the air.

Chuck also placed a set of 20 meter ham sticks on the Hamvan mast at about 25’ and he worked some good DX in the morning on 20 meters before switching over to the contest. 

Luxembourg, Russia and Bosnia were the DX stations he was able to work with a good signal report from those stations.

Ai arrived in the afternoon and made her first DX contact with a station in Germany as well as stations in Texas, Alabama and the Ukraine.

The weather was near perfect though the 80 meter band began to shrink during the early  afternoon hours before rebounding. 

The 40 meter band was not very active with most of the contest contacts made on the 80 meter band.

A nice contest with some good DX mixed in made Ohio State Parks on the Air a contest to try in the future.

Larry, N8OWS 73.


Ohio State Parks on the Air Results


  • 1600001199570
  • 1600001204288
  • 1600001209114
  • 1600001213098
  • 1600001216074
  • 20200912_125517
  • 20200912_125525
  • 20200912_125538
  • 20200912_125540
  • 20200912_125544
  • 20200912_125556
  • 20200912_125812

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