Please cut the Ballot section off, make your choice and mail to:


Rich Balata                                            
11694 State Road                                
N. Royalton, OH   44133 


                                              You may cut and tape the above address on your envelope.

Ballots will not be opened until the November meeting by three members who are not running for office and placed in a box without opening the Ballot to insure your privacy. Or bring your envelope to the Nov. meeting.



The following offices have only one candidate which is as follows:

 *President: Larry Shimerka                         *Vice President: Chuck Mehozonek (K8CVM)                       

*Secretary: MaryAnn Bonus (K8BLY)          *Treasurer: James Tommer (W8MIJ)              

*These candidates will be considered elected by acclimation!


As Chairman of the Nominating Committee I have asked competing candidates to write a presentation of their qualifications and why they believe they should be elected to office.

These have been forwarded to you as I received them without any editing on my part.

Each is listed below please read to make an informed decision!

It is important you read these as the club is only as strong as its’ leadership!


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Woodchuck Official BALLOT 2020

Vote by circling your choice and mail!

                                                                        Trustees: (Vote for 3 only)  

                                                     Rich Balata (KD8KBO)             Mark Huber (NO8J)

                                                     David Semanik (K8WRS)         William Guttliep (KE8HJN)

                                                     Bill Savage (WA8GEO)                                           


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Resumes from candidates for the contested elected positions posted below.  PLEASE READ!


For Trustee:

Rich Balata: (KD8KBO)

                    I have been a long time Woodchuck Member.

                    Also a Trustee for the Woodchuck ARC.

                    I am the Net Manager for 2 meter and 10 Meter Nets and schedule Net Control

                     Operators for both Nets.

                    I am a Net Control Operator on both the 2 meter and 10 meter Nets and participate in all our Nets.

                    Help new Amateurs set up their equipment and help them run the Net when needed.

                    Help set-up and provide whatever I can for all Field Events.

                    Have hosted the picnic and provide space for all other events at my QTH.

                    I have made numerous suggestions about additional club activities.

                   I hope to continue as an active member and hope for your vote as a Trustee!

                   Rich Balata (KD8KBO), High on a windy hill!


For Trustee:

David Semanik (K8WRS)

                          I served as Vice President of the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club for 11 years, 1992 to 1996;

 I again served as Vice President and Parliamentarian of the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club from 2012 until 2017, I had to resign from the office of Vice President due to a stroke, although I remained club Parliamentarian to this day.

 The following year, 2018 I was elected Trustee and have remained in that position ever since.

 I have been the author of the Club Newsletter and an ARRL and W5YI Volunteer Examiner.

  I am also the sole author of the Addendum to the Bylaws which clearly defined each officer’s responsibilities of office.

  I believe the Trustees should not only be the representatives of the membership but also the foundation of the club due to their past experience and deep understanding of how the club operates to keep the club moving forward in a steady direction as it has done.

 I thank everyone for your continuing support,

 Dave, (K8WRS)  “Current Trustee and Parliamentarian”.


For Trustee:

MaryAnn Bonus, (KB8BLY)

I would like to be a trustee for the Woodchucks because they have given so much to me and I would like to give back. Participation is important to our growth and longevity. Our club is an important part of the community.  The more active we are; the more new people will become interested.