Saturday September 14th from 6pm till 10pm.

  This Saturday the Woodchuck ARC is having a “LY” (Young Ladies) night!
  “YL” is a term that has been used to in amateur radio for centuries.

  Woman have been part of Amateur Radio for many years so this is nothing new.

  It is just that we do not remember any club dedicating a night for woman only operators.

  We are the first club in the area to attempt to try this for all the woman that wish to try making     Amateur  Radio contacts for our club from the Club Station.


  You do not need to have a license or be a member to do this as there will be Control Operators for each one that will also log for you and assist in any way you wish!

We need all the woman we can get to attend as we would like to make this an annual event. If you are not sure just come and see our setup and how we are doing the program.

The Club Station is at Riches, 11694 State Road just south of Wallings Road in North Royalton.
It will be held this Saturday September 14th from 6pm till 10pm.

The club sign will be posted at the street so it is easy to find.

We hope that every woman, member or not, will attend. So feel free to bring a friend.

We also hope all members will encourage any woman they know to attend, help make this a success!!!



Photos from the Woodchuck YL Night:

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