On Saturday Nov 24 2018 The Woodchuks ARC honored one of the Founding members of the Woodchuck ARC with a Plaque.

Bill is one of the founding Members of the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club. 


Dave Semanik K8WRS

On December 20, 2018 The Woodchuck’s Amateur Radio Club presented Dave with a Special Award for his dedication and service to the Club.
Dave has been the Woodchuck Parliamentarian since 2012 and has also served as a Vice President.
On July 1, 2018 Dave, using the Club Call of WA8Q, completed “The 13 Colonies Special Event”.



At the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club Christmas Party held on December 22, 2018. Rich Balata was presented with a Special Award for his service and dedication to the club.
Rich for the past several years has been the WA8Q Net Coordinator for the club making sure that the Wednesday and Thursday night nets are run without a hitch.