Over the past year the Woodchuck's have been working with Rich (KD8KBO) to improve the antenna situtation at the Cement Tent.
In 2018 we Installed the G5RV antenna and the 2m/70cm J-Pole antenna.
This past weekend 12-2-2018) Larry (N8OWS), Chuck (K8CVM) and Jim (W8MIJ) installed a Sloping EndFed wire antenna and ran the ropes in the trees for another antenna.
It was too windy for the drone, bit Larry and the Pop-Gun were spot-on.....

As Rich (KD8KBO) has stated, "You never know what those guys are up to"......
Stand by for more to come....... 

New Sloping EndFed Wire(Dec 2018)

  • 20181202_161949
  • 20181202_161955
  • 20181202_161957
  • 20181202_161959
  • 20181202_162002
  • 20181202_162004
  • 20181202_162029
  • 20181202_162043
  • 20181202_162044
  • 20181202_162103

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As Rich (KD8KBO) is always saying 
"Them Boys are up to no good again" this time is was not our doing....

Last year we started the talk about using "Horse Rope" as an antenna wire.
"Horse Rope" also known as Electric Fence wire is used to keep Farm animals, ie: Horses, from leaning against pasture fences.
It is available in many configurations and styles.

Over the past few months, the Woodchucks were able to acquire a 40ft tower.
Larry N8OWS was also able to acquire a 20 meter beam.

With the help of a few members we were able to get the tower setup at the Cement Tent right behind the Allis Barn.
Installation was completed just in time for the ARRL 2019 Field Day event.

Beside the Beam Antenna the Woodchucks now have a 6m AR6 antenna, mounted on top of the Tower and a 10 meter  AR10 antenna mounted next to the Creek, so the Alligator can keep an eye on it.

Fine tuning of the Beam Antenna and the AR’s was completed and were able to run some SWR measurements are these are what we have:

  • WA8Q_10m_AR10_Antenna
  • WA8Q_6m_AR6_Antenna
  • WA8Q_Beam_Antenna_Sweep

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