As Rich (KD8KBO) is always saying 
"Them Boys are up to no good again" this time is was not our doing....

Last year we started the talk about using "Horse Rope" as an antenna wire.
"Horse Rope" also known as Electric Fence wire is used to keep Farm animals, ie: Horses, from leaning against pasture fences.
It is available in many configurations and styles.


Chuck (K8CVM) stopped at Tractor Supply one day and picked up a spool of the wire.
The Rope” has 3 stainless Steel strands of wire and several poly strands for support.
At the November Sweeps Contest Rich (KD8KBO) stated he wanted a 20 m dipole antenna that did not need a tuner to work with, in other words an antenna resonant on 20 meters.
Chuck (K8CVM) as usual said “Hold on a minute” and wend into the Ham Van and retrieved a precut 20m “Horse Rope” Dipole antenna…..    We played around with it inside the Concrete Tent but the environment was not conducive to obtaining a good SWR.
On Saturday  November 23, Rich(KD8KBO), Larry(N8OWS), Chuck(K8CVM) , Gary(AC8AM) and Jim(N8FND) we at the Tent raising the Dipole into the air above the Concrete Tent between 2 trees. The Antenna is @ 50 feet in the air on a NW/SE direction.
On the first hoist we ran the SWR and had the lowest SWR at 15.350 MHz After sever ups and downs of the antenna we were able to make get the lowest SWR of 1:1 at 14.400 MHz.  Our final adjustment had the SWR at 14.250 of 1.27:1.

We hooked the antenna up to the Club Radio and let Rich(KD8KBO) have the first contact honors.
Reception was amazing on the antenna. We were able to hear a contact in Spain as clear as day, unfortunately we were not able to make contact with him. After tuning around the band, Rich made  contact with gentleman sitting on a boat in South Florida. The Signal report from the station was a solid 59…..

The “Horse Rope” antenna will be available for Winter Field Day…… 


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