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The Ohio QSO Party is an opportunity for amateur radio operators around the world to celebrate the great state of Ohio.
If you are a ham we invite you to stop into the Woodchuck's Cement Tent and join us.

If you’re not a ‘ham’ and this sounds like a foreign language to you, please visit the Woodchuck's and we will demonstrate the event to you.

 The ARRL site has resources that explain amateur radio and how you can become licensed and join in the fun.


For Amateurs inside the state of Ohio to make contact with as many Amateurs as possible both inside and outside of Ohio. For Amateurs outside the state of Ohio to make contact with as many Ohio stations as possible. Non-Ohio stations may work only Ohio stations, while Ohio stations may contact anyone.

The Ohio QSO Party occurs on the fourth Saturday of August. The contest period extends from 1200 EDT [noon] to 2400 EDT [midnight] (1600Z Saturday until 0400Z Sunday). All stations may operate the full twelve hours. The 2018 contest is on August 25th.


OH County Map