I have as a rule been a VHF/UHF kind of guy. Lately I have been one of the NCO's along with Chuck, K8CVM for the Woodchuck 10 meter net on Thursday night at 8pm.

The net operates on 28.435 MHz USB. We have a regular group of participants and from time to time, some out of state check-in's as well.

The majority of our regulars are vertically polarized with a few horizontally polarized. 

Operating from the Concrete Tent gives us both options vertical or horizontal by changing the position of an antenna switch.

We have a Cushcraft AR-10 meter vertical antenna as well as a 10,15,20 meter beam which is manufactured by Cushcraft as well. This provides a high degree of flexibility for the NCO when it comes to hearing the stations check in to the net.

it doesn't hurt that our antennas are 40+ feet in the air. Add in the elevation of North Royalton and you have the makings of a very interesting net.

The net frequency falls into a window from 28.3 to 28.5 MHz which allows Technician Class operators to participate and gain some experience on the HF bands.

I checked into a 10 meter net from Florida on May 21 after our net was completed. That net was on 28.455 MHz.

The Northern Ohio DX Association has a net on 28.480 at 8:30pm with the Parma Radio Club 10 meter net at 9pm.

Mark your calendar and give 10 meters a try on Thursdays.



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