You can access your official amateur radio license by accessing QRZ.COM, entering your call sign and going to the bottom of the Details page to find a link to your reference copy’s PDF. But if you want to download a PDF of your actual license, follow these steps.

First, IF you don’t have a password on the FCC system but you have your FRN number (available in QRZ.COM) go to here and obtain your password:

Once you have your password, now go here with your FRN number and your password:

Go down to the big BLUE bullet #1 and click on it.
Follow step #1 under another big blue bullet. Follow the instructions there.

At this point you are on a page labeled “License Manager”.
Put in your FRN number and Password and click “Submit”.
That puts you on the “My Licenses” page of the License Manager.

Your call sign must appear in a “License Box”. Under the words “My Licenses” click the “now” word which is blue and underlined.
You get to a Download Authorizations box.
Under “My Authorizations” click your callsign and ADD it to the box on the right hand end of the arrow.
Then click the big blue “Download” button. Save/print the result.


From the Westpark Radio Ops August 2020 Newsletter