The Woodchuck ARC held the November 2018 Meeting at the Busch Community Room
The meeting started at 7:30pm.
Normal Business was conducted and the Election of the 2019 Officers was held.

The Woodchuck ARC Officers for 2019 are:

President - Shimerka, Larry       N8OWS

Vice-President - Mehozonek, Chuck K8CVM

Secretary - Heidenreich, Kelly  KE8AXL 

Treasurer - Tommer, James       W8MIJ


Balata, Rich             KD8KBO

Bonus, MaryAnn     K8BLY

Semanik, Dave        K8WRS

Congratulations to all.

After the meeting Larry N8OWS gave a short presentation on Nikola Tesla

The October 2018 Woodchuck ARC Meeting was held on Oct 26 2018.

The Program for the meeting was an overvied on NVIS Antennas presented by Dan KE8DCR



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August -Larry -  RF connectors

Sept - Chuck -Radpberry Pi

Oct - Dan - NVIS antenna

Nov - Kelly - Nikolai Tesla


I have 5 ideas for next year already so if you have some then let me know ASAP so as not to forget.



The Woodchuck's August 2018 meeting featured a presentation from Larry, N8ows on Coax Connectors.
This was a followup presentation to the July Coax Cable presentation.

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The Woodchuck ARC meets on the 4th Friday of each month (except December) at 7:30 PM

Meeting Place: Busch Community Room, 7501 Ridge Road, Parma, OH

The public is welcome to attend. 

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Past Meetings: