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The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club is based in Parma, Ohio. 
We are an Amateur Radio organization the offers training, monthly presentation and other activities.

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The Woodchuck ARC November 2019 Meeting was held on Friday November 22, 2019 at the Busch Community Room.
November is always the Woodchuck’s Election meeting and we would like to congratulate the following:

President:  Larry Shimerka (N8OWS)
V President: Chuck Mehozonek (K8CVM)
Secretary: Kelly Heidenreich (KE8AXL)
Treasurer: Jim Tomer (W8MIJ)

Trustees: Dave Semanik (K8WRS)
                Rich Balata (KD8KBO)
                MaryAnn Bonus (K8BLY)

Following the Business portion of the Meeting we had a very informative presentation on Electro Magnetic Radiation by Bill Savage (WA8GEO).

Bill talked about possible heath effects from all the EMR entering our lives on a daily basis and some simple solutions to the effects they may have on our life.



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