2 meter Net Wed. 8pm 145.310 PL110.9        W A 8 Q         10M Net Thur. 8pm 28.435 SSB

August 2020

This is the type Newsletter the Woodchuck members were receiving monthly over the years.

This has been a stressful time for everyone due to the confusion caused by the Virus. The cancelation of our regular meetings held the fourth Friday of each month at the Busch Community Rooms on Ridge Road, the cancelation of the numerous events we held at our club station along with the cancelation of all the Hamfests.       I also failed to provide this regular Newsletter for months. For this I apologize!

This will be my last Newsletter due to family needs although I will remain a Trustee and the Parliamentarian of the club as long as I am elected and appointed by the club. I enjoyed doing the Newsletter for many years and thank the membership for their support.

Now more than ever the club needs the support of the membership to continue to grow and function. Our Wednesday night Nets at 8pm on our WA8Q repeater (145.310 PL 110.9) has become the staple of our way to interact with other members and exchange ideas or ask for advice if needed along with reporting what is happening in Amateur Radio and our lives.

Our regular club meetings will have to be conducted on our Repeater the Fourth Friday of the Month at 7:30pm which was our regular Monthly meeting time. Also remember we are still holding an HF Net on 28.435 MHz every Thursday night at 8pm.

We have continued to grow in membership thanks to the Nets and the continued work of our Net Controllers.

Also our President, Vice President along with Rich (KD8KBO) and others have continued to improve the club station and are coming up with innovative ideas to fund the club by producing some great and affordable antennas and assist the members as much as possible considering the circumstances.

We are also continuing what we started at the beginning of the year, which is to provide Amateur License Testing and additional members have become Volunteer Examiners to assist in providing this service to the Amateur community. This was something that took a number of years to accomplish and a little prodding from some people.

I truly hope things will get back to normal very soon and we can all meet in person again!

Dave,   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       


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