Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club
September 2020 Newsletter


  • Woodchuck officer elections are in November. Members who are qualified to run for office will be contacted after the September 25th
  • Ai, KE8PAI passed her “Extra” class exam on August 31st. Congratulations to Ai.
  • A MAJOR “Thank You” to Dave, K8WRS for his work over the years as newsletter editor.
    Dave stepped down as the editor but remains in the Parliamentarian position.
  • The Woodchuck ARC September Business meeting will be on September 25, 2020 at the Field Day location.
    Kindly inform us if you will be attending and bring a chair.
  • The Busch Community room may be reopening in January 2021. Further information will be forwarded as we get it.
  • Our member roster is up to date and available on the web site, woodchuckarc.com.
    This information is for members only so you need to log in to view it.
    If you do not have a user name and password then set up an account using the link under the log in field.
  • The Ohio State Parks on the Air event, OSPOTA was September 12, 2020 from Nelson-Kennedy State Park in Garrettsville, Ohio. 5 members attended the event with excellent weather. DX stations from Luxembourg, Germany, Russia, Bosnia and the Ukraine were contacted. 
     A 20 meter rotatable dipole was used consisting of [2] 20 meter ham sticks at about 25’ from the Hamvan mast.
  • Ai, KE8PAI made her first DX contact with Germany and a contact from the Ukraine as well. Stations in Alabama and Texas rounded out her HF operation for the afternoon.
  • Chuck, K8CVM worked the OSPOTA contest and made 20 contacts using a 40/80 meter NVIS antenna.
  • Let me know if there is something you may want included in the newsletter. It is your newsletter so do not be afraid to suggest content.
  • Take time to view the web site, woodchuckarc.com.
    The newsletters will be posted there.
    Club activities and important information can be found there as well.


That’s all I have for now. Stay Safe.


Larry, N8OWS