WA8Q Newsletter for October 2020


The Business meeting on October 23 will be at the cement tent at 7:30. Mask and chair preferred.

Woodchuck Officer elections will be in November. Qualified club members were contacted with their preference for an office or none at all. A slate will be created and ballots will be distributed. More on this at the October meeting.

Special thanks to Tom W8WLI for donating some Amateur radio items to the club. We are using these items to assist other Amateurs with setting up their stations. The club also added a Hustler 4BTV vertical HF antenna from Tom which was installed at the Windy Hill antenna farm.

Ai, KE8PAI will be the NCO for our 2 meter net on October 14. This will be her first 2 meter net previously NCO on the 10 meter net last month. Take some time to check in and say hello. 

The club is always looking for Net Control Operators. So if you are interested then let Chuck or myself know and we will guide you through the process.

MaryAnn, K8BLY’s mother was hospitalized recently and we wish her a speedy recovery.

The club will be participating in the ARRL November Sweeps  SSB contest on November 21-22 from the Concrete tent. It runs from 4pm on the 21st to 10 pm on the 22nd. We will more than likely not do the whole time but it’s a great opportunity to get on HF and tune your contesting skills. The best part is all you need is YOU. The equipment and coffee is provided. 

That’s enough for this month so 73 till next month.

Larry, N8OWS