On Monday August 31, 2020 Ai (KE8PAI)  successfully passed the Extra Class Test getting only 1 incorrect answer.

For those of you that have met Ai this is an amazing venture for her.
Just before Field Day 2020 Ai contacted Larry (N8OWS) about becoming a HAM.
She visited the Club for the Field Day event and was given the information and introduced to the hobby.  A week or so later she again contacted Larry about taking the Technicians test. Arrangements were made and the test was giving, she passed only missing 1 question becoming an official amateur radio operator KE8PAI and joined the Woodchucks.
Ai participated in several of the club and other nets getting her feet wet “On-the-Air”.
Several weeks later She contacted Larry again and requested to take the General test…..
Arrangements were made for this test. Ai passed that test with 1 incorrect answer. Ai was now KE8PAI/G.
Ai expressed an interest in learning code and becoming a Net Control Operator at that time.
She participated in several Woodchuck nets as well as other nets in the area.
Along came the Ohio QSO party and Ai was on the radio making contacts during the day.
On August 27th the Woodchuck 10 meter net was NCOed by Ai with 13 check-ins.  
Ai was not done with her advancement in HAM Radio.
On August 31st Ai successfully passed the Extra Class exam and became KE8PAI/E, again missing only 1 question.

What is, in my opinion, amazing is Ai’s dedication to the hobby going from not knowing what amateur radio was to Extra class, and NCO all within 45 days.

Ai, thank you for contacting the Woodchuck’s and Welcome to the Wonderful World of Amateur Radio.

And on another little note, Ai has figured out why KBO is called the “Agitator”.


Congratulations to Ai, KE8PAI for obtaining her General Class license upgrade.
Ai obtained both her Technician and General Class License within the last 30 days.
Once again Congratulations!!