To commemorate this important event in wireless history, the Radio Club of America is going to hold a contest for radio amateurs. The rules of this event are below. Both amateurs and short wave listeners (SWLs) can participate.

 Information for Radio Amateurs: 

When:               1200Z November 13, 2021 to 0400Z November 14, 2021 (16 hours total) 

Bands:              160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters (Please use the GENERAL subbands for QSO's when applicable)

Modes:              CW and SSB 

Calling:             Call “CQ TQP” (for Transatlantic QSO Party)


  • For RCA members: exchange signal report and “RCA”
  • For non-RCA members:
    • USA & Canadian amateurs: exchange signal report and state or province
    • For all other amateurs: exchange signal report and CQ Zone


  • Count on point for each unique call worked on each band and each mode
  • You may work the same station only once per band and once for each mode: so working W2XYZ on 20 CW and 20 SSB would yield 2 points total
  • There are no multipliers

Bonus: The Radio Club of America’s station W2RCA will be on the air during this event. W2RCA is worth 10 bonus points per band and mode. Therefore, if you worked the RCA station on all bands/modes you could earn 120 bonus points (6 bands x 2 modes x 10 = 120).

Logs: Send your score to no later than five days after the end of the contest. A form for this contest will be found on this site before the event.

Certificate: There will be a downloadable participation certificate available. It will not state your score,


Full details can be found HERE