As you all know we often use Rich's (KD8KBO) Garage, that we have named the Cement Tent for field day events throughout the year.
Lighting in the tent has been, well to say a little dim at times, due to the older fixtures that are in the tent.

   Schedule of the 2023 Woodchuck Meeting Programs


January 27th


February 24th


March 24th

Chuck Mehozonek ARES EC
Cuyahoga County ARES & the Event Support Group

April 28th


May 26th


June 24th

Field Day 2020 Meeting

July 23rd

Chuck - K8CVM
Alternative Shack Power

August 28th

Club Picnic

September 22th


October 27th


November 24th



No Meeting

  2023 Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club Officers


     Chuck Mehozonek K8CVM

      Kevin Kohn  K8DNQ


     Jim Petroski W8NRX


      MIke Peters KD8ZMN


Jim Tommer W8MIJ
Gary Jaworske AC8AM     





      Chuck Mehozonek, K8CVM 

VE Team Members

Mark Huber (VEC)          NO8J
Simpson Huston             N8UZF
Gary Jaworske               AC8AM
Bill Savage                     WA8GEO
Darren Turk                    K8DMT
Jim Tommer                   W8MIJ
Chuck Mehozonek         K8CVM
Jim Petroski                   W8NRX


Repeater Coordination Team
Technical/Operations Committee

Chuck Mehozonek         K8CVM
Jim Petroski                   W8NRX
Kevin Kohn                    K8DNQ
Mike Doerner                 W8NIN


Parliamentarian:       Mark Huber  NO8J

Call Sign Trustee:     Chuck Mehozonek K8CVM

Net Operations Mgr: Simpson Huston N8UZF  

DX/Field Day Chair:   Kevin Kohn K8DNQ

Programs:                  Daren Turk K8DMT

QRZ Page Admin:     Chuck Mehozonek K8CVM

Club Property:           Gary Jaworske AC8AM

Membership:              MaryAnn Bonus K8BLY               

Sunshine:                   MaryAnn Bonus  K8BLY   

Sergeant at Arms:     Bill Guttliep KE8HJN

Refreshments:           Bill Guttliep KE8HJN