Hello Fellow Contester,

Looks like you have recently participated in domestic SSB contests, such as the NAQP.

How about trying a fun 4 hour SSB contest?  It is the North American SSB Sprint Contest.

It is Saturday evening April 3rd here in North America.

Which is April 4, 2021  0000 - 0359 UTC

It has some very interesting rules that make it a bit unique and exciting.

Certificates to the top scores in each state/province and/or anyone scoring over 1,200 points.

And there are Door Prizes available for recipients who score at least 1,500 points (just takes 50 QSOs and 30 mults) !!!

As well as a SSB Sprint Worked All States T-Shirt for those that manage to work all 50 states in the 4 hours.  Which actually has been done by multiple participants in the past!

And now we have just added a SSB Sprint Worked All Canada T-Shirt for those that manage to work all 13 Canadian multipliers in the 4 hours.

Check it all out at http://ssbsprint.com  

We want to be sure to have every state and every Canadian multiplier on the air. 

So, if you have a chance, please enter your planned activity at https://ssbsprint.com/planned-activity/my-planned-activity/

We were able to have all states on the air in the 2020 events.

And be sure to send in your score for a chance to win a door prize! (“Score prize!”)


73 Bob KW8N & NA SSB Sprint Contest Committee