July 31-Aug. 1 Missouri QSO Party https://tinyurl.com/fbfcw8r3

July 31- Aug. 1 Russian WW Multi Mode Contest http://bit.ly/2CMbWOM

Aug. 1 SARL HF Phone Contest http://bit.ly/HOlqQf

Aug.4 VHF-UHF FT8 Activity Contest www.ft8activity.eu/index.php/en

Aug. 7 European HF Championship http://bit.ly/H2eMg5

Aug. 7 FISTS Summer Sprint http://fistsna.org/operating.html#sprints

Aug. 7 WAB 144 MHz Low Power Phone http://bit.ly/31 yE4kT

Aug. 7-8 10-10 lnt'I Summer Contest SSB http://bit.ly/1 FrFeBc

Aug. 7-8 ARAL 222 MHz and Up Distance Contest http://bit.ly/21JZcy9

Aug. 7-8 Batavia FT8 Contest https://batavia-ft8.com

Aug. 7-8 North American CW 080 Party http://ncjweb.com/NAQP-RRules.pdf

Aug. 11 VHF-UHF FT8 Activity Contest www.ft8activity.eu/index.php/en

Aug. 14 ORP ARCl European Sprint www.qrparci.org/contests

Aug. 14-15 CVA DX Contest CW http://cvadx.org/regulamento

Aug. 14-15 Worked All Europe CW Contest http://bit.ly/2vufgcb

Aug. 14-15 Maryland-DC QSO Party www.w3vpr.org/node/325

Aug. 15 FISTS Summer Sprint http://fistsna.org/operating.html#sprints

Aug. 15 SARL HF Digital Contest http://bit.ly/HOlqQf

Aug. 21-22 ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest www.arrl.org/10-ghz-up

Aug. 21-22 CVA DX Contest SSB http://cvadx.org/regulamento

Aug. 21-22 SARTG RTTY Contest www.sartg.com/index.html

Aug. 21-22 North American SSB QSO Party http://ncjweb.com/NAQP-Rules.pdf

Aug. 21-22 KCJ Contest www.kcj-cw.com/e_index.htm

Aug. 22 ARRL Rookie Roundup RTTY www.arrl.org/rookie-roundup

Aug. 28-29 Hawaii QSO Party http://hawaiiqsoparty.org

Aug. 28-29 Kansas 080 Party www.ksqsoparty.org

Aug. 28-29 YO DX HF Contest www.yodx.ro/en

Aug. 28-29 ALARA Contest www.alara.org.au/contests

Aug. 28-29 World Wide Digi DX Contest https://ww-digi.com

Aug 28-29 WNE Island 080 Party https://usislands.org/qso-party-rules

Aug.29 SARL HF CW Contest http://bit.ly/HOlqQf

August 28 Ohio QSO Party https://www.ohqp.org/

August 28 W8DXCC https://www.w8dxcc.com

Sept. 25-26 CQWW RTTY DX Contest www.cqwwrtty.com