Schedule of the 2022 Woodchuck Meeting Programs


January 24th

Jim -  W8NRX
LED's, the Light Side of Electronics

February 28th

Chuck -  K8CVM
“An Introduction to the NANOVNA"

March 27th

David Andrzejewski (AD8G) on APRS.

April 22th

 Tom Sly (WB8LCD) ARRL OH Section Manager.
  The benefits of ARRL Membership for both the Club and the Membership.

May 27th

 Mat Nickoson ARES EC
Cuyahoga County ARES & the Event Support Group

June 24th

Field Day 2020 Meeting
MaryAnn - K8BLY
 Survival Prepardness

July 22th

Darren - K8DMT
Harris HP25 Internet interface Radios 

August 26th

Chuck - K8CVM
Alternative Shack Power

September 23th

Chuck - K8CVM
C4FM and Yaesu System Fusion

October 28rd

 MaryAnn - K8BKY

November 25th



No Meeting