WA8Q June 2021 Newsletter 

The club welcomes back Art Moody, W8UTC. Art is a returning member who was active with the club during the 90’s. Also returning is Bob Sullivan, W8RFS. Michael Doerner, KE8RQF also joined the ranks as a new member.
Jacob Artino, KE8SBQ recently passed his Technician class test and joined the club as an associate member.

Field Day is June 26 & 27. If you plan on attending please let Larry or Chuck know. Remember to bring a chair. 

The Woodchuck lawn mowing division paid a visit to the back forty at Windy Hill on June 7th. The grass was somewhat taller than normal thus requiring a brush hog. A rental was procured and the deed was done returning the back  forty to golf course conditions. Thanks to Chuck, Simpson and Jacob for their brush hog operation. Alice also made an appearance as well for edge trimming.





The June 25th Woodchuck Business meeting will take place in the cement tent at 7:30pm. Bring a chair.

The club will be forming a membership committee to help promote the club at events. Interested club members let Larry or Chuck know.
We want to start with a Chairperson and two committee members.  

As always we are looking for Net Control operators. Let Larry or Chuck know if you are interested.
We currently have two members training to be new NCO’s. It’s easy and training is provided.

The date for the Woodchuck picnic is August 14th at 2pm.

I think that’s it.