Small woodchuck

November 28, 2021

Good morning, Woodchucks,
Elections for the new year are held in November for the next years Officers of the club.
This year’s elections were interesting to say the least. The New Officers would like to thank you for your vote of confidence and support for the direction the Club is headed.

The 2022 Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club elected officer are as follows:

President - Larry Shimerka (N8OWS)
Vice President - Chuck Mehozonek (K8CVM)
Secretary - Jim Petroski (W8NRX)
Treasurer - Jim Tommer (W8MIJ)


Rich Balata (KD8KBO)
Kevin Kohn (K8DNQ)
Gary Jaworske (AC8AM)

Mark Huber (NO8J) Appointed

We will continue to grow the Club in membership and activities and are looking for members to become more involved in these areas.
Your input is always welcome in the clubs’ activities and operation.  Please contact any of the elected officials with your recommendation and suggestions should you have any.

The Club is also looking for members to server as the following committee heads: 

Membership Committee: responsible for public relations and general membership recruiting. 
Program Committee: shall be responsible for meeting programs. 
Social Committee: shall be responsible for all social functions of the club. 
Standing or special committee appointments shall be available to all members of the organization.

If you’re interested in one of these positions, contact Larry or Chuck for more information/details.
We are planning a Woodchuck Christmas Party in Decembers and we will have more information as the details are finalized.
Once again from the 2022 Officers, thank you for your support.

Chuck Mehozonek – K8CVM